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In the beginning...

From Beneath Billows is a Oslo, Norway-based band, founded in Oslo in 2005 by Øyvind Daaland Lesjø, Lars Kristian Jagtøyen, Lars Petter Strand, Kristian Malterud Moen and Lars Sundsbø.

Bjørnar Børja later joined to replace Kristian Malterud Moen who left the band in 2006 in pursuit of a different kind of leisure.

The founders, with exception of Lars Sundsbø, started out as a stoner band named The Goon Killing, back in 2003. Lots of songs were written, but without a vocalist and a clear vision of what they tried to achieve, the project became stale and got shelved.

From Beneath Billows was born out of the desire to advance the band's creative process. The band strove to make their music deeper, heavier and more visual.

From Beneath Billows are

Lars Kristian Jagtøyen - Guitars
Øyvind Daaland Lesjø - Bass
Lars Sundsbø - Vocals
Lars-Petter Strand - Drums/Percussions
Bjørnar Børja - Guitars

Kristian Moen - Guitars (2003-2006)

And then there was this idea

While Evolve's tale was intimate, isolated and focused on man's inner struggles using maritime metaphors, Monolith is wider in its scope. Lyrical themes touches upon colonization, industrialization and the imminent gloom. Indeed not political, religious or preaching in any way - just an interesting framing for words and tones.

The essence, however, lie in the brush strokes and in the layers of the weave, in the delicate details and in the rich ambience that these aspects utter.

With Monolith, the canvas is bigger and the colour palette more vibrant. The end result is sometimes brighter than Evolve, but at its core darker and more sinister.

Monolith is the natural progression for From Beneath Billows, stronger in its vision, while still hanging on to the characteristics of Evolve.


news releases bio images