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Back in business!

Say what?! Yes - we actually managed to crawl back into our rehearsal room and start the process of writing new material.

We will try to regularly post some stuff here to let you know what we're doing going forward.

RELEASE - Blog post #27 : Great reviews!

Slowly the reviews of Monolith start to pop up around the web.

Imperiumi (Finnish) has written a great review (8/10).

Metal Norge has written a good review (7.5/10).

"...på sitt beste så er dette fryktelig bra..." has written a great review (8.5/10).

Metal Bite has written a great review (9.1/10).

"...From Beneath Billows is one seriously eclectic band..."

Metal Hammer UK has an OK review in their printed magazine.

"...It's a compelling work and the ambition, songcraft and musicanship behind it make it more than a convincing effort..."

Scream Magazine has a great review (5/6) in their printed magazine.

"...Monolith er en monolitt av et album..."

Bergens Tidende put us on the best of 2013 list.

"...From Beneath Billows er i verdenseliten når det kommer til progressiv og monumental postrock/metal..."

Pondus put us on the best of 2013 list.

"...Seks låter med majestetisk, atmosfærisk sludge fyller nesten hvert eneste ledige minutt av platen..."

All What's Rock put us on the list of best post-metal albums 2013.

"...the post-metal album of post-metal albums..."

Stormbringer has a great (4,5/5) review here.

"...Enorm, verlockend und wahrlich ein Monolith. Herzlich willkommen, Wandersmann, im Fegefeuer, tritt ein und bring Glück herein...."

Maelstrom has an OK review here

"...Monolith showcases a mature band of proficient musicians taking their art to the maximum of their talent and expressing it with the highest level of finesse and enthusiasm..."

D.R. Swinhoe has a great review here

"...long, slow burning soundscapes featuring clean guitars that swell to bruisingly heavy crescendos..."

"...features riffs that Remission-era Mastodon would have been proud of..."

Selective Memory Mag has a great review here

"...You could take any song from this album and create an entity on its own...Each song here is filled with such completism, they could be individual albums..."

"... and then the gates open and you get blown out of your skull. Pure fury!..."

Global Domination has great a review here

"...There’s some serious songwriting going on here..."

"...unlike other releases of the same likes, From Beneath Billows do know how to integrate their shit..."

RingMaster Review Introduces has a great review here

"...Providing one of the most invasive, dramatically evocative and intimidating flights heard this year..."

"...compelling and intensive journey through consumptive atmospheres wrapping sinister and emotionally challenging textures and transfixing soundscapes..."

"...a smothering yet vibrant immersion into dark kissed ambiences and intensely provocative realms..."

Soundslab has great review here

" absolutely monumental record...a sprawling, all-consuming record ..."

Ec(((o)))es and Dust has a great review here.

"...Monolith is an album full of feelings and it is a perfect blend of sludge and post-metal..."

Infernal Masquerade Webzine has a great review here.

"...six crushing blows of brilliant Post-Metal...With a very well defined sound and excellent composition skills, this album is one hell of a ride for any fan of the genre..."

Reviews in the underground media are a great way to spread the word about Monolith. So if you work in media, and would like to help us spread the word about Monolith, we would be VERY HAPPY!


RELEASE - Blog post #26 : MONOLITH released worldwide!

The day has arrived. MONOLITH is released and is available in CD format from numerous stores around Europe. It is also available through Amazon and similar online stores.

If you are using iTunes, it can be bought here.

If you like streaming, try Spotify.

If Wimp is to your liking, it is also available there.

And of course, for the Feinschmecker and Aficionados out there, the album is also available in lossless FLAC on GubeMusic.

If you by chance are in Oslo tonight (Friday November 8th), drop by Revolver for a small listening party!


Studio - Blog post #25 : MONOLITH pre-sale up on iTunes!

Digital version of Monolith is already available for pre-order on iTunes.

Digital booklet available only on iTunes

Studio - Blog post #24 : Release date for MONOLITH

Release date: Friday November 8th 2013.


We have just signed a distribution contract with Indie Distribution.

They will provide us with physical distribution (CD for now) in Europe. No physical distribution outside Europe as of now.

However, the album will be globally available as digital download/stream from multiple online services, like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Wimp to name a few.

If you are having issues locating a physical copy of the album after its release date, please contact us: band[at]

Studio - Blog post #23 : First official t-shirt designed by Josh Graham!

We are VERY proud to present the first official t-shirt of "From Beneath Billows".


The design is by non-other than Josh Graham of "A Storm of Light". He is of course also known for his work with "Neurosis" (visuals), "Battle of Mice" and "Red Sparowes".

Josh also is art director at where he does a lot of amazing artwork and videos. He has directed videos for "Isis" and "Soundgarden" to name a couple. He recently also did the album cover for the new "Soundgarden - King Animal" album.

Don't forget: Check out the new "A Storm of Light" album "Nations to Flames" which is out now!

Studio - Blog post #22 : Master Ahoy!

On April 8th - exactly one year after the first mastering - we again stepped into the office of Tom Kvålsvoll with a new and enhanced mix.

Back again

After an intense 13 hour session we called it the day. We took the master home, listened to it and made some final comments. We got back to Tom and through his great patience for our lack of technological professionality, and through some back and forth, we made it over the finish line.

The Desk

The calendar says May 23.05.2013, which is 3 years, 1 month and 11 days after we first started rigging for drum tracking at Det Norske Teatret.


We stopped by Strype Audio and picked up the DDP-image and the digital release, and got this nice little package.

It's a wierd feeling holding the final product, and realizing that this is something that we spent 3 years to make.

Well - it's not really the final product, because that won't exist before we actually have the printed copies with packaging and everything. But anyways - the content is final.

The cover artwork is also done, so - now - with cotent and cover done - it's time to ship the whole thing off to Newport, Wales and Dischromatics.

We have been looking into different ways of distributing this album. Last time we used CDBaby for distribution, but this time around we want something more.

We're aiming for release some time in the autumn with help from Indie Distribution. They will handle physical distribution in Europe and global distribution for the digital release.

We will distribute the promo copies ourselves to online review sites, fanzines and so on.

If you have such a site and want a copy, just send an e-mail to band[at] and we will ship a copy free of charge.


Studio - Blog post #21 : Making a making-of

We are working on a short "making-of", to give you a peek into what went down during the process of recording and producing Monolith.

The video will be uploaded to suitable video streaming sites when it's done.

Information about where to find this video will be communicated through this blog when it's done.


Studio - Blog post #20 : The Delay

As you maybe have noticed, our Monolith release has been severly delayed. After we mastered the album last year (see blog post #17), we were not entirely convinced with the result. This had nothing to do with the mastering itself, but rather the mix we brought to Strype Audio.

But hell - what is an extra year when you've already spent 2 years, and you don't have some third-party breathing down your neck. It's finished when we feel it's finished.

Winter's coming

So - we went back into mixing mode and discovered multiple shortcomings in the initial "final" mix. We worked through the summer and the autumn of 2012 and into the winter of 2012/2013.

We are now finally done mixing. We could probably continue into the next decade, working with details that no one but us would hear or even bother with.

Let's not do that...

It's time to head back to Strype Audio and let Tom Kvålsvoll wrap it up.


Studio - Blog post #19 : Cover artwork revealed

We're proud to reveal the cover artwork to you. Design by Heidi Strand.

We went through several designs before we ended up with this one. It is somewhat in the same vein as the Evolve artwork, but brighter and more encouraging.

Pictures were taken by Heidi and Lars-Petter when they roamed through the US approx. 2 years ago.

This is what the front and back will look like...
Front and Back cover
...and this is what the inside will look like.
Inside the cover


Studio - Blog post #18 : New promo images added to gallery

Promo pictures used for promoting the Monolith release are added to the gallery. Photograph: Carsten Aniksdal

Thanks to Carsten for the phenomenal execution of photography, and for taking his time off to shoot the band.

Visit official page of Carsten Aniksdal here.


Studio - Blog post #17 : Master! Master!

At last! MONOLITH is done. Yup! You heard it right. After 2 years of production, our follow-up to EVOLVE (2007) is finally finished.

We are shipping the master off to pressing in the coming weeks. We mastered the album at Strype Audio, at the hands of Tom Kvålsvoll.

Having worked on several metal productions and being a musician himself, proved right for our production. Taking our mix to the max, delivering both low-end grit and heaviness, as well as freshness to all the clean passages.


We have been tinkering with a pseudo master for a couple of months now, trying to draw a roadmap on what direction

we would like the master to take. At the touch of some magic buttons and tweaking of various instruments, our jaws fell to floor!

This is how it should sound!

We spent 2 days at Strype Audio, and are very pleased with the results.

Strype and Tom comes highly recommended. We also enjoyed the local Prince sandwich bar - one must eat good to perform good.

Maze Sphere

Now we're just waiting for Heidi to finish the cover art, and we're set to press at Dischromatics in UK.

Table 1 Helm Master

Cover art coming soon! Also - follow this blog to find out where to stream and/or buy both digital and physical media, as soon as it comes off the press.


Studio - Blog post #16 : Bass trap

We're still alive!

We've had some low frequency issues, so we decided it was time to make use of our awsome engieering skills again.

This time - building bass traps - bass as in the sound, not the fish!

We drove to Byggmakker and bought all the materials needed to build these bass traps.

Truck 1

With help from some schematics found online, we knew roughly where to find the correct materials. In a matter of a few hours we had built three traps - enough to cancel out the most critical issues.


We also bought some new monitors - Adam A7X- replacing the old KRK monitors we've used up till now.

The final mixing required a more nuanced listening experience and a way to better single out each sound, so the investment was of outmost importance for the final result to shine.


We've had a lot of deadlines on this project, and we've probably overstepped them all. A good thing we're not working out of a hired studio!

It's September already, and we're still working hard. Sometimes a project like this will take its toll on all involved, so it's critical to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

As we're mixing, certain sections of a song may require some pick-up sessions.

They've been few and far between - but again, critical for the final product.


Studio - Blog post #15 : So... how's the album coming along?

Heading into the month of July, we're in the final stages of the mixing process. Let's say the process has been a little more time consuming than we first anticipated. All songs are now 99% done, and we're planning to use this summer to listen and take notes for the last percent of the mix.

Sequencer 1 Sequencer 2

We have more or less agreed upon a local studio for the mastering, and have made a deal with an English manufacturer to press and replicate.

With Evolve we pressed glossy 6-page digipacks with plastic trays. With Monolith we're taking a step back in time - simplifying things while enhancing the overall quality feel. We're pressing digisleeves on rough reverse-side paper stock with spine print between the inside panels. Some of us still love the physical media, and to be able to touch and feel the final product.

It's important to us that the whole package is genuine and of high quality. When unfolding a digisleeve, you get that good old feeling of discovery like when opening a fresh off the press vinyl. The artwork, the look and feel, and even the smell of uncoated paperboard - it's all natural.

In August we'll continue where we left off, stitching it all together into a cohesive experience before sending it off to mastering.

As in a traditional Norwegian summer, it's pouring down outside, making it more than OK to invest those hours indoors sculpturing what, we believe, will be an amazing piece of work.

This has been a lengthy process to say the least, but then again - we will feel so much more proud of the final product, considering the amount of work we've put in it.


Enjoy the scorching sun, wherever you are this summer - on foot in the mountains, on the road through diverse landscapes, in a boat set afloat somewhere on the vast horizon, in space or just nodding off and taking back lost time!


Studio - Blog post #14 : Workhorse revealing album title

Time for an update from beneath the billows!

We're heavily invested in mixing the new album - Monolith - these days, working on packaging design, promotional material, redesigning the web site and much much more.

Things tend to take their sweet ass time, and this is no exception. It looks like we're in for late summer or autumn release of Monolith.

But rest assured that it will be well worth the wait!

The songs are sounding awesome and despite having heard the songs hundreds of times, they still grow on us.

Do not forget us.


Studio - Blog post #13 : beef & cabasa

Quick update from the billows, just to make sure you know we're alive.

Bass 2

We've been really busy the last couple of months, but have also worked on raw mixes whenever possible.

Lars Petter brought his arsenal of percussions to the studio, to make sure we all got our swing on.

Cabasa, guiro, egg, shaker, triangle and god knows what!

Various 1

Our engineer and producer, Steinar, is off to Mexico for 4 weeks, so we're working hard to get the raw mixes done in time for his departure.

When he's back all tanned and energized, we gather he's pumped to get back in the chair and pilot this damn thing to shore.

Lizard 1

Besides busting our asses off, we had our annual Christmas party this weekend.

The deer, pheasant, wild boar and french Limousin steaks drowned in red and white wine, made for a feast well deserved.

When you think of garbage... Ø-dog

We'll be back soon with our impressions of the raw mix and the lay of the land.


Studio - Blog post #12 : New Year!

A new year has dawned, and the winter solstice gradiually gives us longer days and more daylight. We are in the middle of mixing the new album, after a well earned holiday break. Some of us stayed in bed with the flu, but now we're all well energized and ready to step up and deliver the finishing touches.

We have not yet decided on where to master our album. If someone reading this knows of someone with experience mastering similar music, send us mail: band[at]


Studio - Blog post #11 : Taken out of context

Lars brought his Bison shirt, Bison CD's, Bison pizza and Bison beard to ground zero this weekend.

We rounded up the vocals for the new album, and it all sounded really good.

Bison 1

Enjoy this bearded bison in its natural habitat dwelling amongst the cheese.

Bison 2

Studio - Blog post #10 : Building the booth

Again, it's been a while.

In true DIY fashion, we built a vocal booth from partition walls, Biltema sound insulation and duct tape. Not only does it look utterly amazing and mindblowing, it also sounds great. We are truly up and coming entrepreneures.

Order your booth now!

In addition to creating art from crap, Lars recorded clean vocals for Enlivened and Sworn, Verity, Monolith, One Death and the Kings and Frontier.

We soon discovered the fuck-up regarding the vocal lines made for Darkens the Will. Belly-flopping-onto-concrete-style. The powers that be must yet again enter the think tank and rewrite. Darkens the Will has been a severe ass pain since day one. Ones visions does not always materialize in the correct way. We had no problems with the war drums, but from there on it has been a mixed bag of dissapointments. Not to say that we haven't overcome all obstacles. We're just stating the fact that the road has had the effect of glue.

But the end result will of course be awe-inspiring!

In between the vocal sessions, we have dedicated our time to the odd jobs. That is - when we're off from our dayjobs. It is a workout - no doubt about that!

People are getting curious as to what we've been up to, and we are getting eager to show it off as well.

We have built the mammoth, but we haven't saddled up yet. Until we can take you along for the ride, help us spread the word!

More pictures coming soon.


Studio - Blog post #9 : der Höfner und die Marienkäfer

That's it! We're done recording all the guitars for the new album.

We added some 12 string crème de la crème, or Creme der Creme as the Germans would say.

The german built vintage Höfner guitar gave some of the rhythm sections an amazing lift.

Hofner 1 Hofner 2

Now that we can close the chapter of the guitars, the vocals are next up.

We just bought a new Shure SM7 in New York, for a great price, compared to what we're used to here in Norway.

Steinar 1

Now it's just up Sundsbø's throat to deliver.

Guest starring...

Marienkaefer 1

Studio - Blog post #8 : Greasy pizza & pedal power

Another weekend has passed. Another guitar session is done.

Beautiful melodies and devestating chords emerged from the PRS baritone creating what we've been waiting for for some time now - unity, the single entity that encapsulates the rise and fall, the white light and the darkness.

Pedal 1

We ended up using a VHT with a T-Rex Mudhoney boosting the signal, both for the clean and the different distorted parts.

We were able to create lots of nice and deep sounds from that basic setup.

We tried using a Bu(r)gera head as well, but it could just not keep up. Both the clean sounds and the distorted sounds, did not sound like anything we were after.

The Bugera cabinet was also a let down and would just not deliver the omph! we were after.

Bjønar did a great job, managing to get 5 of 6 songs down, during the weekend.

Next session he's doing the last song for his part, and bringing a 12-string for some overdubbing.

We may have to work on the ending of Monolith as well, as the collective is not happy with how it sounds at the moment.

Pedal 3

A lot of work still to be done, but we're getting there, and this weekend was a huge leap forward.

After the long hours, a few coffee breaks, the world's most greasy pizza and what feels like hundreds of cigarettes, another session is over.

Guys 1

Studio - Blog post #7 : The eBow coffee mug

We're back in the studio layering guitars.

Using a Fender Jaguar Baritone and an ESP LTD H-307 together with a VHT 50/ST proved worthy of the job, delivering nice thick sounds - both for the clean and the more brutal parts.

Using a 1982 4x12 Marshall with both a Shure Beta 57 and a Röde NT5 gave us a variety of options in creating the sounds we were after.

A coffee mug also did its job creating suprisingly almost an eBow kind of sound.


Bjørnar is up next weekend to put down some nice heavy sounds. We're looking forward to hear the two guitars melt together and complete the guitars for this album.

We've been hard at work polishing Lars' vocals as well.

The vocals differ a great deal from what was done on Evolve, and we really hope you'll like what you hear.

So until next time, which won't be long,- enjoy the last breath of summer.

Guitar 2 Guitar 1

Studio - Blog post #6 : Guitars & Summer

Greetings from what have been our working den for the last month - El Catel.

We're practically done recording the first set of guitars for the album. Beside some minor issues, it all went really well. We're now beginning to hear the intricate fabric of what we're building here, and it is really exciting. It is too bad the summer is already upon us, and people run away on their summer vacations.

We will still be working on the album though,- fine tuning the lyrics, do some post recording work on the drums, and maybe put together some mock-ups for the final product.

There are plenty of written material here, that needs to be transfered into one single common entity. Weaving all this together and finding elements to underline it all is nice summer job.


Studio - Blog post #5 : equip!

We've started recording the guitars.

Thanks to the newly invested Korg DTR-2000 we manage to stay in tune, better than when using the software tuner we used earlier. The DTR-2000 was more precise, making it easier to intonate the guitars correctly.

We love new equipment!

This sunday we're moving yet once more. This time to something that reminds of a mechanical workshop, with accompanying offices. Ideal for recording all the distorted guitars. We're excited and hope it works out fine! If the sound or anything else should fuck it up, we'll soon be on our way to a new location.

Stay tuned for more updates, and pictures from the latest recording sessions.

We have also taped a lot on video, which will end up in a short making of later this year. We'll continue filming until we can admire the final product.

Have a nice weekend.


Studio - Blog post #4 : Keep on slappin'

Back from vacation and Kiss tour, we continue recording the bass.

Darkens The Will, Monolith, Verity and Frontier is done. Next up is One Death And The Kings and Enlivened And Sworn.

Bass 1

We are planning to move to a new location for the guitar recording. More information on that soon.


Studio - Blog post #3 : Slappin' da bass

Today we started recording bass. We set up our own recording crypt at Indianer Jonas at Marytown. It's great to able to record on familiar ground.

There will be a little break in the recording sessions as some of us are going off on vacation, to Egypt for some sun and to England to follow Kiss on tour.


Studio - Blog post #2: drumming & drumming

One week later, and we're done recording the drums and precussions for all the tracks on the new album: Darkens the Will, Monolith, Verity, Enlivened and Sworn, Frontier and One Death and the Kings.

We are very pleased with the sound so far. The drums are already sounding spectacular!

Drums 1 Drums 2 Drums 3

Studio - Blog post #1 : FBB recording new album

These blogposts will follow the production of From Beneath Billows' new album.

We started Monday 12th of April 2010, tuning and rigging drums, checking lines and sound, and preparing for the first recording session today, Tuesday 13th of April.

We are recording at Prøvesal 4 (rehearsal hall 4) at Det Norske Teatret downtown Oslo.

With Steinar Engedahl Rossing at helm of production and engineering and Jostein Reistad lending his expertise and supervising our stay at the theater, we are eager to get down to business.

Prøvesal 4

From Pitbull to Marytown

From Beneath Billows just moved out of the shady shack - Pitbull Sanatorium - and into their own rehearsal space at Marytown in Oslo.

Now, with access 24-7 and a much richer and brighter atmosphere, the outlook towards their second release begins to manifest.


Reviews of Evolve

The first review of Evolve from Bergens Tidende. Let it not be the exception, but the rule. We all love good reviews...

Read the review written by Petter Lønningen at Bergens Tidende here. The review is written in norwegian.

Read the review from Sea of Tranquility by Scott Ward here.

Read the review from Metal-Observer by Raven Blackburn (aka Crimson, RavenVW, Raven112) here.

Read the review from the Chronicles of Chaos by Quentin Kalis here.

Read the review from Maelstrom by Chaim Drishner here.


Debut gig

At Saturday September 6th, we played with A Storm of Light at Garage in Oslo. This was our debut gig, and it all went really well.

There have been nothing but enthusiasm and words of praise after our debut gig last weekend.

We'd been working hard up to that day, and we think we delivered what people came for. You'd be the judge of that, but we're very pleased with the presentation and of course the attendance.

Thanks to Hugo Alvarstein for giving us a helping hand, and of course Josh, Vinny and Domenic for letting us play that evening. We had a great time - Cheers!

Check out pictures in the images section.

Until next time...



Buy the album at or one of the retailers listed in the release section of this site. The album is also available for your listening pleasure on Spotify.


Support the band by ordering the album.

Debut album Evolve available now. Use link below to order from Tiger (local DIY shop in Oslo) or check out the release section for other retailers.


The release holds 4 songs and clocks in at 49 minutes:

An Opening To The End
In The Throat Of The Greater

All music and lyrics by From Beneath Billows

Intro, intermezzos, outro and all ambient parts by Steinar Engedahl Rossing

Produced by Lars Klokkerhaug and From Beneath Billows.

Copyright © 2007 - From Beneath Billows

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